Clear Enclosures

Clear Enclosures

Enclosures increase the usable deck space of your boat while protecting you from sun, wind and rain. Clear Enclosures provide an easy way for you and your family to enjoy your time out boating while protecting your upholstery, carpet and equipment as well as giving your boat a stylish look that you can be proud of.
Affordable Boat Covers uses many different grades of clear depending on what the job requires.

  • Tinted Clear

Roll Clear Roll Glass, Strataglass™ & Crystal clear are all available in Tint

  • Rollclear

Roll Clear is Australia’s leading brand of clear PVC. It is manufactured using the economical ‘calendared’ process and is finished in roll form. This manufacturing method is commonly used for most PVC applications including Marine Windows and Café Blinds. RollClear is typically used on Trailer Boats.

  • RollGlass

RollGlass is considered in the marine industry as exceptional value for money. RollGlass provides very good clarity and has a history of proven performance. RollGlass is a clear PVC manufactured using an ‘extrusion’ process. It is finished in roll form up to 183cm wide so joins can be completely eliminated in most applications. Typical marine applications include leisure craft and bimini enclosures.

  • Strataglass™ Clear Vinyl

Introduced in 1994, Strataglass™ is a premium, flexible (it rolls up!) coated vinyl sheet engineered to resist the damaging effects from the sun’s rays, environmental fallout, and scratching from handling. It also blocks out 100% of the spectrum of UV light. Today, Strataglass™ is the stable of virtually every quality canvas manufacturer.

  • Strataglass™ Crystal Clear

In 2000, Strataglass™ Ltd introduced Crystal Clear 20/20. Offering the same quality workmanship that our customers have come to expect from our products in a “regular” (uncoated) sheet, Crystal Clear is our low priced alternative to Strataglass™.

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